So, to reiterate and expand on an earlier post…

Race-plan for this year:

  • 12/05/2013: Leeds Half Marathon
  • 19/05/2013: Copenhagen Marathon
  • 14/07/2013: Leeds 10k
  • 04/08/2013: York 10k
  • 20/10/2013: York Marathon

Current PBs:

  • Marathon: 03:38:13
  • Half-marathon: 01:33:39
  • 10k: 00:37:15

2013 targets:

  • Marathon: 03:10:00
  • Half-marathon: 01:25:00
  • 10k: 00:35:00
  • 5k: set a bloody time

It’s always good to have a plan

So last Sunday was my last race of the year, the Leeds Abbey Dash, I didn’t get the time I was looking for but did get another pb: 00:37:15 so not too bad.

Time to start planning for next year, it’s got a bit more shape than this year:

March – Bradford 10k

May – Leeds Half, Copenhagen Marathon

July – Leeds 10k

August – York 10k

September – Horsforth 10k, maybe the GNR but don’t know if I can face the ballot and paying the ridiculous entry fee.

October –  another marathon

November – Leeds Abbey Dash 10k


  • 5k: sub 17
  • 10k: sub 35
  • half marathon: sub 1:25
  • marathon: sub 3:10

Current times: 

  • 5k: n/a
  • 10k: 00:37:15
  • half marathon: 01:33:32
  • marathon: 03:38:13

So basically it’s mainly a question of some 5:45 minute miling for 10k, 6 minute (ish) miles for the half and 7 m/m for the marathon(s). Easy peasy…

Marathon training: love/hate

I love the rigid routine that my life has at the moment, with a 6-day-a-week training plan there isn’t a lot of room for much apart from work, running, eating and sleeping. Which is fine by me…at the moment.

However it does leave me tired, grumpy, hungry and can turn running into a complete numbers game. I want to run x time so I need to run this amount of miles, at this pace, this regularly, blah blah blah. It can be a bit joyless. It also completely and utterly takes over your life.

But then, I chose to do this and if I can run the time I’ve been aiming for for the last 5 months then it’ll be worth it.

What’s the saying? Train hard, race easy…or something

10k plan

Did some boring/geeky pace maths ahead of trying to run sub-35 mins at the Leeds 10k, I think I will inevitably lose some time over the last km but will try to run a negative split, I’m going to try and run to the following splits

34 minutes

10 km

3:24 minute per km

  • 1 km 03:24
  • 2 km 06:48
  • 3 km 10:12
  • 4 km 13:36
  • 5 km 17:00
  • 6 km 20:24
  • 7 km 23:48
  • 8 km 27:12
  • 9 km 30:36
  • 10 km 34:00

17.65 km per hour


2012 training – week 2 (w/c 9th Jan)

Work , more punctures and insomnia combined for a bit of a weird week.


  • Cycle to/from work (10 miles)
  • Free weights (circuits)
  • 4 mile easy run (9 min miles)


  • Cycle to/from work (10 miles)
  • Gym (20 mins bike – intervals, 1 hour treadmill – 45 mins @ 13 km/h then intervals)


  • Cycle to work (5 miles)
  • Free weights (circuits)


  • Cycle from work (5 miles)


  • Cycle to/from work (10 miles)


  • Cycle to/from gym (10 miles)
  • Gym (1 hour treadmill – 30 mins @ 13 km/h then 30 mins intervals)


  • Nothing because I, as a sign of my age, have hurt my hip. GREAT

Cycling mileage: 50 miles

2012 training – week 1 (w/c 2nd Jan)

Right, happy new year, hello 2012 etc. In May I am running the Belfast marathon. In June I am cycling through the Pyrenees. Inexplicably I have once again scheduled to do a long bike ride and a marathon within a month of each other (last year I did the Edinburgh marathon 3 weeks after finishing the end to end). To try and avoid feeling as awful as I did after the end-to-end I am going to try and get in the best shape possible.


I’m going to do a weekly training diary between now and the summer. Hopefully it’ll end up being part diary, part forces-me-to-do-stuff-so-i-don’t-look-lazy and part it-might-be-useful-to-someone (and also, hopefully, not too boring).


Sometimes (read: a lot of the time) I have a complete mental block with the gym, it’s not like running or cycling outside, it’s too easy to stop, finish early and go home. Today was one of those days.

The cycle home was impossibly difficult, I thought I must’ve forgotten to eat or the very short gym-ness had taken more out of me than should be possible, however I got home and on closer inspection realised that the huge amount of mud and road-gunk encasing my rear brake (due to my lack of mudguards) meant that it had locked itself ‘on’. So I had cycled home, all the way, with the brake on. Brilliant.

  • Cycle to/from the gym: total 10(ish) miles
  • Gym
    • Warmup (stretching, 10 mins on cross-trainer)
    • Treadmill: 30mins at 13 km/h


On the way back from work I hit an enormous pothole (Abbey Road, near the junction with Hawksworth Road if anyone cares), the impact was horrible and by the time I got home my front tyre was a soggy mess, the inner tube had been completely annihilated by the bump. Got incredibly dirty changing the tube, I really need to clean my bike.

  • Cycle to/from work: total 10(ish) miles
  • Free weights (circuits)


Cleaned my bike, got incredibly filthy doing so.

  • Free weights (circuits)


Biblical amounts of rain and standing water, I should invest in some overshoes so my shoes fill up with water slightly slower.

  • Cycle to/from work: total 10(ish) miles
  • 4 mile tempo run (7-min miles)
  • Free weights (circuits)


  • Cycle to/from work: total 10(ish) miles


In hilariously windy conditions I actually got blown sideways, which was simultaneously fun and weird.

  • 10 mile easy run (9-min miles)
  • Free weights (circuits)


  • 45 mins turbo trainer

Oh and every week I’m going to total my cycling mileage because…it’s good to have stats. And really, to be ready to cycle in the Pyrenees I need to be up to over 100-150 miles a week by May. This week = 40 miles