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Photo #2

Flamborough Head

Flamborough Head (dog-walker and lighthouse). Flamborough Head is where you end up if you head east from Leeds and don’t stop until you run out of England. It’s a really weird place, full of old people wandering around aimlessley or sitting in their cars look at the (inevitable) rain, we clambered down the cliffs onto the beach (which is a complete moonscape) but I like this photo, I think it captures some of the drama vs mundanity of the place.

Memories and photos

I’ve been trying to come up with an idea that’d give me a reason to start taking photos more regularly again, particularly portraits if at all possible.

I’ve always been fascinated with memory and memories and how collections of seemingly unrelated stories and anecdotes can form something really fascinating and apparently connected when presented side by side.

So with that in mind I am going to start collecting people’s earliest memories and putting them online together with photos of that person. I don’t really know what it’ll evolve into, maybe it’ll show some sort of common starting point for everyone or maybe it’ll be widely diverse. Let’s see.

UPDATE: and it all lives here http://lifeisallmemory.tumblr.com/