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Kernow and green fingers

Cornwall was brilliant, the perfect break. Luckily we managed to time it just before half-term holidays. It was so good to be away from busy things.

I’ve been harbouring ambitions for a garden for ages, unfortunately I own a house that is completely lacking in any sort of gardeny capacity. However over the weekend I went to an ace garden shop in Settle and the nice man sold me things so that I can grow all sorts inside. This did result in me getting soil all over my front room, but this is a small price to pay. Messing around with dirt is fun, fact.

Polruan tapes

Tapes is taking shape nicely, it has got:

  • a website –
  • a blog –
  • a myspace –
  • As you can see it’s an electronic, intangible, web-based colossus (or something).

    Next week I’m going to Polruan which is a tiny village in Cornwall. It should be suitably brilliant, hope the snow hasn’t got in all its lane parts.