Photo #2

Flamborough Head

Flamborough Head (dog-walker and lighthouse). Flamborough Head is where you end up if you head east from Leeds and don’t stop until you run out of England. It’s a really weird place, full of old people wandering around aimlessley or sitting in their cars look at the (inevitable) rain, we clambered down the cliffs onto the beach (which is a complete moonscape) but I like this photo, I think it captures some of the drama vs mundanity of the place.

Photo #1

North Bridge, Edinburgh, 2009

I used to take a lot of photos, I’ve recently started trawling through that backlog and am going to post a random selection.

This is of the North Bridge in Edinburgh. It was taken in January 2009, it had snowed (a lot) and was (very) cold, I guess the film must have expired (hence the pink tinge) and it’s far from technically perfect (or even ‘good’) but it captures my memory of that trip pretty well.