European wi-fi/3G coverage – follow up

Right, after some chats and a bit more research it would seem i have the following options:

Mobile broadband dongle with a UK company then pay anywhere between £1 and £7 per MB up to a usage limit.

Mobile broadband dongle with a local company in each country I go through – haven’t been able to find out exact prices for that yet.

Use wireless hotspots – it seems there is a far better network of these than I had imagined – my bad for being a bit patronising to countries such as Serbia, which apparently have a quite good wi-fi infrastructure.

Use internet cafés – i’ve been in internet cafés in the Himalayas so am sure that I’ll be able to find them to serve me needs at least once a day over the summer – however I’d like to have constant access when required with ICs just being used to supplement this/keep the cost down.

BGAN – would probably be hideously expensive but would provide more consistent coverage.

I image in reality I will end up with a dongle, mapping out reachable hotspots and also seeking out the odd internet café here and there – hopefully this should keep me covered.

I’d appreciate any further words of wisdom anyone might have.

And as for why I need this level of internet access…well…I can’t say just yet.

European wi-fi/3G coverage – please advise!

Righty, this summer I will need access to the net whilst on the move in the following countries: Turkey, Bulgaria, Serbia, Hungary, Austria, Germany, Belgium and France. There is the possibility that I will be in hotels for some of the time so this may (or may not – would welcome hearing about people’s experiences) partly solve the issue, however for the main part I will be on the road with just my laptop (macbook).

I’ll be needing to upload relatively large videos, images and text several times a day, every day.

I’d really welcome some wisdom on the subject, if I bought a new phone (iPhone, HTC/Andriod thingy ec) would this help – or is the coverage a bit patchy. Is there something I can get/sort out with my laptop that’ll help – dongle or similar? The last resort is getting a BGAN unit but that is very expensive and not really feasible at this stage.

Would also welcome thoughts on methods of uploading – particularly video as I’ve had a few problems getting large files up onto youtube in the past.