WordPress snippet #1

Useful little piece of WordPress code, plays a particularly useful part of a dynamic featured post slideshow that I was going to detail at some point. To reference the  set upload directory url in your WordPress theme:

<?php $upload_dir = wp_upload_dir(); ?>

<?php echo $upload_dir[‘baseurl’]; ?>

more info here http://codex.wordpress.org/Function_Reference/wp_upload_dir

Long time, no blog

I’m aware I’ve been a bit of a crap blogger (a crapper?) of late, things have been absolutely mental with Leeds Met graduations, final preparations for the Istanbul to Leeds madness and trying to finish off any number of things before we leave (next Wednesday!).

I plan to rectify this once I’m dans le velo…thing with regular updates on what’s been going on, starting with how I cope with the whole 2,500 mile drive in 2 and a half days which will commence next Wednesday evening…