Parsley the lion

My ad-hoc method of herb-garden cultivation (i.e. throw a load of seeds in some soil and wait to see what happens) has been suprisingly successful. Although there is a bit of a disaster currently ravaging my mixed salad leaves, not being very knowledgable in the ways of the garden i assume this is either due to lack of light or water, so have increased both, we’ll see what happens.

Kernow and green fingers

Cornwall was brilliant, the perfect break. Luckily we managed to time it just before half-term holidays. It was so good to be away from busy things.

I’ve been harbouring ambitions for a garden for ages, unfortunately I own a house that is completely lacking in any sort of gardeny capacity. However over the weekend I went to an ace garden shop in Settle and the nice man sold me things so that I can grow all sorts inside. This did result in me getting soil all over my front room, but this is a small price to pay. Messing around with dirt is fun, fact.