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  1. Technology in Museums – using the Sir John Soanes Museum as an example, there is absolutely no technology used here. It literally is now as it has been for 200 years and visitors absolutely love it. Is it because they are able to just meander around this lovely (narrow, crowded!) Georgian house and simply marvel at the thousands of items on view? There are tours if more background information is sought, but people really enjoy chatting with the very knowledgeable warders (and not-so-knowledgeable volunteers!). This personal interaction is so important and one question can easily lead to another one not previously thought of, and then this can lead to stories/anecdotes being told, etc., etc. Many visitors arrive not knowing what to expect and leave quite amazed at what they’ve just seen. No technology, no audio gadgets are required for them to depart feeling satisfied at what they have witnessed. Many of them return again and again, feeling they experience something new every time (the fact it’s free probably helps!).


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