I may be some time…

Next Wednesday I set off in a van on a 5,000 mile round trip to Istanbul to support the Istanbul to Leeds cycle challenge which aims to raise funds for the Jane Tomlinson Appeal. As a result I will be more-or-less out of action from 21st July through until 31st August – I will have some access to emails but will only be able to check and respond on an irregular basis.

Hopefully before then I will finish off sites for Will Soden (plumber), Pickles and Potter (Deli/Cafe) and the Northern Dales Farmers Markets (farmers markets) as well as getting on as much as possible with the new site for Run For All (mass-participation runs). Diverse to say the least!

Oh and as a slight aside I also found something else that results in WordPress’ wonderful white screen of death – messing around too much with the chmod settings of the wp-content folder.

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Long time, no blog

I’m aware I’ve been a bit of a crap blogger (a crapper?) of late, things have been absolutely mental with Leeds Met graduations, final preparations for the Istanbul to Leeds madness and trying to finish off any number of things before we leave (next Wednesday!).

I plan to rectify this once I’m dans le velo…thing with regular updates on what’s been going on, starting with how I cope with the whole 2,500 mile drive in 2 and a half days which will commence next Wednesday evening…