New bike!

I got a bike yesterday and cycled home from the shop (getting mildly lost en route). Cycling is brilliant, although evidently utilises a set of muscles that I never otherwise make use of, my thighs were burning slightly even after the relatively short (10 miles including getting lost) ride home. Oh well, I suppose it all goes towards the overall goal of increasing my fitness. It also greatly increase my access to the Dales etc and the awesome walking there.


The temptation to “invest” in every possible gadget has started to become a dangerous possibility, when you think about it all you really need for a trip like this is a rucksack, tent, sleeping bag, stove and a couple of changes of clothes. The reality being that I’m going to encounter some kind of shop on a daily basis so I don’t need to carry vast amounts of dehydrated meals and water with me, I’m going to the West Country, not the Himalayas.

Footpath? Slugpath!

With the need to bring my fitness up in mind I went on a run via a new route last night, from my house in Horsforth down towards Leeds, past Kirkstall Abbey and then back up through Headingley. The weather was fairly drizzley and grey but it was lovely and cool, there’s something about running in the rain that is immensely satisfying although the amount of slugs that littered the footpath was amazing.