Itinerary? Pah!

Mat and I had our first, and what will in all likelihood be our only, planning meeting last night at The Angel in Leeds. Our itinerary for the coast-to-coast looks a bit like this;
Day 1
• 9:47 – Train from Leeds to Whitehaven (changing at Carlisle)
• 13:55 – Arrive at Whitehaven
• 14:00 (approx) – Dip wheels/bikes/selves in Irish Sea and depart
• When we get there – cycle as far as we can, aiming for a point between Keswick and Penrith (preferably as close to Penrith as possible)

Day 2
• 9:00 (hopefully) – Depart wherever we get to on Day 1.
• When we get there – Arrive at Allenheads

Day 3
• 9:00 (fingers crossed) – Depart Allenheads
• Mid/late afternoon – Arrive Tynemouth, dip wheels/bikes/selves in North Sea
• Early evening – Have pint/go home

As you can see the plan gets significantly less detailed immediately after setting off, but I’m sure that’s half the fun. We did also have a conversation about food and things like calorie to weight ratios (cereal bars topped with jelly babies – or similar – was decided to be best). Now all that remains is for Mat to buy a bike and we’re ready to go.

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