Dashing Santas

I know I’ve been fairly crap at posting anything recently (or at least anything of interest) so here is my attempt to rectify that.
Yesterday I was a marshal at the Santa Dash in Harrogate (being held by Henshaws and St Michael’s Hospice). Unfortunately the weather didn’t quite match the Festive premise and instead of a winter wonderland, the Valley Gardens were saturated into submission by pouring rain. Admirably however there was an incredibly good turnout of participants, each dressed in the regulation Santa suit (there was even a dog dressed up, which was brilliant). The weather, if anything, got worse while they were ‘dashing’ and every single one of them finished the race absolutely soaked. Despite this there wasn’t a grumpy word to be heard and everyone seemed to have a brilliant time raising money for two very worthy causes.
Added to that the spectacle of several hundred Santas running through the rain was unbeatable.