Thinking South West

Walking into work this morning, I chickened out of cycling due to rain and darkness – valid reasons in my book, I had a proper think about the SWCPW for the first time in a while. The whole idea still really excites me. It’s now fairly unlikely that it’ll be possible to fit it in next year, I am going to have to take at least 4 weeks to do it and I am already taking 5 weeks off July-August to support a charity bike ride. So I have provisionally pencilled it in (in my head) for May 2011, I’m going to aim to complete it in 28 days, although the travelling down could be a bit of an issue as it seems that the nearest train station to Minehead is at Taunton, which is 28 miles away (which seems slightly ridiculous) – ALTHOUGH i have just found out that there is a steam train that runs from Taunton to Minehead, the timetable is slightly restrictive but it’s a bloody steam train! awesome!