Twiglet legs

I finally caved and bought some actual cycling shorts, if it rains my usual shorts just become like sodden tea towels, which aren’t great for riding in, so lycra is, regrettably, the way forward.
Rest safe in the knowledge that i look utterly ridiculous, as my girlfriend has said, ‘your legs look like twiglets’. If anything, this effect is more pronounced in lycra, god knows why.

Rain, rain go away

The lovely English summer delivered rain by the bucket-load yesterday. I got caught in the first downpour as I cycled home from a friend’s house. Now I freely admit to liking being out in the rain, as long as it isn’t freezing cold (which it wasn’t) then it’s quite a nice, refreshing experience. However, I found cycling in the rain to be a slightly soggy experience as all of the clothes I was wearing acted like giant sponges which made cycling extremely difficult…maybe it’s time to invest in some lycra! The second deluge I found myself in was when I nipped to the shop to pick up some food. However this time I was dressed appropriately in my nice, new North Face jacket – dry as a bone. Lovely.