Curséd curved corners

A couple of clients have expressed a penchant for divs with curved corners (a penchant which I understand, share and encourage). Now as you may, or may not, know (or care) – divs with curved corners are supported in Opera, Firefox and Safari (via the css ‘border-radius’) which is all nice and simple and standards-compliant and lightweight and all that good stuff that you want your design elements to be. HOWEVER (and unsurprisingly) Internet Explorer doesn’t support rounded/curved corners. In the past this meant lots of messing around with images and other things which all made things bigger, more complicated and…basically…not as good.

I stumbled across this solution to the IE issue which uses an .htc file (an htc file is relevant to IE 5+ and contains script that defines the appearance of an element). Now I have used this solution a couple of times with some success (although this does result in a faint outline to your corners in IE it’s better than nothing), although I’m currently having a few issues – these are possibly due to my server more than anything. Fingers cross that IE9 actually supports css3.